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Toasted Tomato Soup

Only slightly more effort than opening a can (and about a million times more gratifying), you can make this healthy take on the condensed cold-weather classic from scratch in a blender! Fresh and nutrient-rich, this weed-infused version of the feel-better panacea’s made by roasting tomatoes, onion, and garlic, then puree-ing the […]



Sometimes you need an easy, icy, DIY drink infused with cannabis, but you haven’t made cannabis-infused alcohol ahead of time. Here’s an alternative method to infuse juice with cannabis concentrate in a no-fuss, no alcohol, 20-minute recipe. (Update of my recipe originally published in the August 2018, Issue 511 of […]

Chronic Crispies
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Chronic Krispie Treats

This recipe uses cannabis concentrate to infuse coconut oil for a potent, modern spin on cannabis-crispy treats- in my experience, I’ve found any type of concentrate will work just fine, BHO or rosin or what-have-you- as long as it doesn’t contain anything else (like additives and non-cannabis derived ingredients, of […]

Cannabis Coconut Oil

Cannabis Coconut Oil

As essential as it gets for home-canna-cooking: infused cannabis coconut oil. In this recipe, we’re going over the decarboxylation of cannabis concentrates (like shatter, live resin, and wax) to infuse coconut oil, just in case that’s what you’ve got on hand. High-quality concentrates definitely come with the appropriate price tag […]

Cannabis Nacho Cheese
Appetizers, Mains

Canna-Nacho “Cheese”

Nachos were originally the result of inventive thinking and making the most of what’s readily on hand, a fitting start for what’s become a such a classic go-to stoner meal. Back in the 1940’s, the wives of soldiers stationed in Eagle Pass, Texas, would often take day trips across the […]

Cannabis Cocktail

Cannabis Simple Syrup

I came across a mind-blowing idea in Elise McDonough’s Hightimes’ article for the best cannabutter recipes, developed by the brilliant Tamar Wise: she mists the baked and cooled cannabis flower with Everclear, “break(ing) down the cellulose in the plant material, helping cannabinoids to migrate into the lipids.” Absolute. F-ing. GENIUS.  […]

Breakfast of Champions

Baked Breakfast Syrup

In honor of Canada’s historic legalization of recreational cannabis, nothing seems more appropriate than to celebrate with home-made, cannabis-infused maple syrup! The use of RSO in this recipe works particularly well as it adds a deeply herbal, almost spicy counterpoint to the sweetness of the sugars, as well as allowing […]

Craft Elixirs Cranberry Sauce

Canna-Citrus-Apple Cranberry Sauce

This personal favorite holiday dish features ‘Fremont Freaks’, a cannabis-infused dried fruit snack from Craft Elixirs (an edibles company making next-level treats available in pot stores throughout Washington State). If you aren’t able to source cannabis-infused dried fruits, you can sub decarboxylated kief to weed-ify this seasonal classic. (Update of […]

Kief-Roasted Almonds

Rosemary, Garlic, Kief and Sage Roasted Almonds

Infused with kief, these crunchy flavor explosions taste as good as they smell while roasting in your oven. Normally when cooking with cannabis, if the infused ingredient is incorporated into other ingredients like flour and sugar, a buffer effect occurs in which the inside of cookies or brownies or cakes […]